What are the most important things we expect to get out of the Design Challenge over the next 2 months?

… good question. Besides always wanting to go to SXSW 2010 Interactive (Austin, Texas), here are a couple of points which motivate our participation:

  • Get to know how to develop open source software in a larger context/organization such as the Mozilla Foundation
  • Experiment with a new, cutting edge technology
  • Familiarize ourselves with the Mozilla software development landscape, in particular: other technologies/plugins which we may use for future development
  • Get to know people with similar interests and ideas/networking
  • Contribute to the evolution from the read-only to the read-write Web
  • Give something back to the community for FireFox and the plug-ins we’ve been using all these years
  • Enter the hall of fame of Web development
  • Buy a real Stetson in Austin, Texas in March 2010.

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